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All Artist Interviews

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pete morton for Kitchen SongsPete Morton

11th April 2012 - London



kevin boyle for Kitchen SongsKevin Boyle

11th April 2012 - Croydon



Nick Burbridge for Kitchen SongsNick Burbridge

12th April 2012 - Brighton



Ray HearneRay Hearne

18th April - Wath-on-Dearne



Mike Silver for Kitchen SongsMike Silver

19th April - Cornwall



Steve Tilston for Kitchen SongsSteve Tilston

26th April - Hebden Bridge



Mick Ryan for Kitchen SongsMick Ryan

29th April - Keighley



Pete Coe for Kitchen SongsPete Coe

3rd May - Ripponden



Lynda Kelly for Kitchen SongsLinda Kelly

3rd May - Beverley



Jez Lowe for Kitchen SongsJez Lowe

8th May - Nr York



Ralph McTell for Kitchen SongsRalph McTell

31st May - Cornwall



Will Kaufman for Kitchen SongsWill Kaufman

13th July - Keighley



Will Kaufman for Kitchen SongsJoe Tilston

13th January 2012 - Keighley



Will Kaufman for Kitchen SongsMandy Murray

12th April 2012 - Brighton