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Joe Tilston, 2012 - Keighley

Joe Tilston - The Railway Children

Joe Tilston - Kings of Industry

Joe Tilston & Maggie Boyle perform Liza & Henry


Well somebody had to do it! And no-one better than my boy, Joe, to sing us a few songs, talk about his musical influences, and allow David (with his posh radio mics) and me (with my unposh flip camera and less than expert interviewing skills) to have a shot at it all. Joe has - relatively recently - reconnected with his folk roots, having spent over a decade playing bass on the punk/ska/metal scene with his band, Random Hand. He has just signed with Fellside Records, who will release his solo acoustic album, "Embers", in February 2013. Who'd have thought it? Certainly not me. Amazing and wonderful. Go Joe! 



The Railway Children

Kings of Industry

Liza & Henry

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