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About Kitchen Songs Project

The idea for my Kitchen Songs Project has been brewing for a number of years. It started with me travelling to visit friends and relations, recording songs and chat with them, with a loose plan for a CD. Over time, I found I was focusing predominantly on songwriters, and so I decided to concentrate on this area of interest and to convert the project into a web production. It's very much a personal journey, visiting people that I have come to know in the course of my musical life.

I will be taking to the road in April and May and visiting great songwriters in their homes, to talk to them about their work and to record some of their music. 

The setting for these interviews will be kitchens the length and breadth of the country. In my view, these hubs of domesticity are the most natural and traditional places to encourage a relaxed sharing of music and ideas.

While on my travels, I will be joined by David Crickmore of BBC Radio Leeds (and co-presenter/producer of The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show), who will be jolly company - while he makes some lovely musical/travelogue pieces for the wireless.

In the main, the songwriters (most of whom will be very familiar to folk fans) began their work in the late 60s/early 70s, and they have all in different ways affected my attitude to contemporary song - and to what a traditional singer, such as myself, should regard as suitable material to include in their repertoire.

Travels and interviews will unfold over the next couple of months. I hope you can join me for the journey.

It is intended that the project will continue and develop, to include songs and stories of later generations of songwriters - and those from further afield.

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