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Linda Kelly, 3rd May 2012 - Beverley

Linda Kelly and Hazel Richings sing Cape Farewell

Linda Kelly and Hazel Richings sing Lament

Linda Kelly and Hazel Richings with Maggie Boyle sing Northern Tide

lynda kelly Hazel Richings hissyfit

A bit of a dash from Ripponden to Beverley, as time was marching on. We convened in the kitchen of Linda's 'Hissyfit' partner, Hazel Richings.

Hissyfit sang, and we had a good old chat about Linda's songwriting, and her passion for the people and stories of the Humber region.


Cape Farewell - on "Cape Farewell", available here

Lament - on "Sweet Minerva", available here

Northern Tide - on "Fish out of Water", available here

lynda kelly and Hazel Richings from hissyfit & maggie boyle