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Steve Tilston, 26th April 2012 - Hebden Bridge

Steve Tilston sings ‪Normandy Day

Steve Tilston sings The ‪Road when I was Young‬

Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle sing The Night Owl Homeward Turns

Steve Tilston talks about Peter Bellamy's "The King"

mike silver and maggie boyle

Traversed the wild moor from Keighley to Hebden, we were very happy to get into Steve's kitchen and escape the rain. What is it with the cake I bring, I seem to have to eat it all myself! 

Steve has been a serious long-term influence as regards contemporary song.  Being married for 17 years might have had something to do with it! I look forward to hearing some new nuggets, and having him make me a cup of tea. I admire Steve's songwriting a hell of a lot, even more now than when I first met him.


Normandy Day (song from "An Acoustic Confusion", details here)
The ‪Road when I was Young‬ (song from "Ziggurat", details here)
Maggie sings “The Night Owl Homeward Turnswith Steve. (song from "Of Moor and Mesa", details here)
The King