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Ray Hearne, 18th April 2012 - Wath-on-Dearne

Ray Hearne sings The Kid who Killed the Milkman

Ray Hearne sings The Last of the Alley Gaters

Ray Hearne & Maggie Boyle sing Harry Appleblossom

ray hearne

The rain was tumbling down that morning in Wath-on-Dearne, as it had been all the way from Keighley, so it was a relief to arrive and see Ray smiling and waving through his bay window. It was a joy, too, to see the cherry tree in his front garden "flowering beyond belief" (as say the words of his song, 'Harry Appleblossom'). The rain continued to accompany our meeting, but did not dampen our spirits a jot.

I first came across Ray and his music a few years after moving to Yorkshire in '89, and was immediately fascinated by his approach to marrying his traditional Irish background with his love of songwriting and poetry. Getting to know him better has been a very gradual and delightful experience. He came to recording albums relatively late, thanks to the 'No Masters' Co-operative.

The Kid who Killed the Milkman
The Last of the Alley Gaters
(from CD "Broad Street Ballads")
Maggie sings “Harry Appleblossom” (from CD "Broad Street Ballads") with Ray