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Kevin Boyle, 11th April 2012 - Croydon

Kevin Boyle sings The Road To Camden Town

Kevin Boyle sings Lines on the Death of Martin Israel

Kevin Boyle & Maggie Boyle sing Blackbird on Freshfallen Snow

kevin boyle

Negotiated our way out of London, and arrived in Croydon at 7. Kev made us a lovely dinner; impressive stuff as he was just in from work and, of course, had plenty more to do that night. He had not one but two pianos to play for us, so we thought we’d best not insist on pushing them into the kitchen – the dining room was just fine.

Known him all my life, of course. It was a surprise to me when my brother first started writing songs. I did not quite get it, as I personally felt there was enough to play with in the traditional Irish music we had been brought up on. He has continued to compose beautiful and challenging songs throughout the years, some of which I have had the pleasure of singing.

The Road To Camden Town
Lines on the Death of Martin Israel
(from CD "Palestine Grove", available here)
Maggie sings “Blackbird on Freshfallen Snow” with Kevin