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Pete Coe, 3rd May 2012 - Ripponden

Pete Coe sings Joseph Baker

Pete Coe sings Rolling Down the Ryburn

Pete Coe & Maggie Boyle sing The Jackdaw

mike silver and maggie boyle

...across the Pennines for my first ever visit to the engine room of Ryburn 3 Step - Calderdale's energetic folk organisation; and to the phenomenon that is Pete Coe. Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, dancer, promoter....and not an uneasy talker! Amazing place.

Pete Coe is a folk powerhouse - he's been singing, playing, dancing and enthralling for decades; and generally promoting folk music. His writing is sporadic but powerful.


Joseph Baker - Pete & Chris Coe's 1972 Trailer record "Open the Door and Let Us In" and, as all of the Leader/Trailer album, lies un-reissued in the hoard of Dave Bulmer. (info courtesy of Reinhard Zierke)

Rolling Down the Ryburn - on 'Previous', available here

The Jackdaw - on 'Previous', available here

pete coe

pete coe