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Jez Lowe, 8th May 2012 - York

Jez Lowe sings Will of the People

Jez Lowe sings The Judas Bus

Jez Lowe and Maggie Boyle perform The Miami

Maggie Boyle and Jez Lowe for kitchen songs

A fine day to head Yorkwards. Great to get the chance to find out more about Jez Lowe and to meet up with his partner and bandmate, the lovely Kate Bramley. Pleased to report that stripey teapots produce an exceptionally good brew!

Jez has been touring for over 3 decades, his material referring - in the main - the people and places surrounding his birthplace in Co. Durham. He is a major contributor to the BBC Radio Ballads.


The Will of the People - on "Jack Common's Anthem", available here

The Judas Bus - on "WOTCHEOR", available here

The Miami - on "Jack Common's Anthem", available here

Maggie Boyle, Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley for kitchen songs